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Shenzhen 100 Report Launched at Inaugural China Globalization Forum

The world is becoming increasingly multipolar with the locus for world-changing innovation shifting to the Chinese city of Shenzhen, concluded industry leaders in business, finance, and government at the first annual China Globalization Forum. Business leaders, analysts, and policymakers discuss China’s entrepreneurial landscape at China Globalization Forum. “Anyone who stepped foot into Silicon Valley in […]

Internet Domain Name Localization - Clearing the Confusion!

3 Chinese Tech Giants Who Globalized Successfully

The People’s Republic has seen a lot of foreign companies find success in recent years, but a shift is happening in the market. It involves less foreign expansion into China and more innovation coming out of the country. Technology is at the forefront of the shift, with Chinese tech companies beginning to outperform their foreign counterparts. […]

Going global

Common Mistakes by Chinese Companies Going Global

Now, Chinese companies are going global and looking to expand abroad more than ever before. CSOFT’s Shenzhen 100 project is analyzing China’s globalizing businesses, zooming in on China’s modern hub of high tech, globalizing industry: Shenzhen. Our analysis puts Shenzhen companies into two general groups: “mature transformers” and “fast rising companies.” Jack Ma once likened […]

CSOFT launches SZ blog

CSOFT Launches “Globalization • Shenzhen 100”

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you know that we’ve been covering the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The city’s perpetual growth and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired CSOFT to embark upon a new project called the Globalization • Shenzhen 100, a unique mutual effort between the government, professional services, and private enterprises that provides […]