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Round 2 of the I Translate campaign has officially closed. For this Halloween inspired round of competition, we asked respondents to answer the question “What’s the scariest thing that would happen in a world without linguists?” The contest was open to linguists and to those who understand and appreciate the importance of translation. Our winner was selected based on the creativity of their response.

The winner of our second competition is: Sizi Zhu (a.k.a. Juice Zhu).

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To understand what drives Juice’s interest in localization, we interviewed him and got an idea of why he is passionate about the art of translation.

Juice, an intern at CSOFT International, first understood how important translation was on his last summer vacation. He was working as a part-time waiter in a restaurant with a Korean Chef. Juice quickly became aware of the language barrier between them when the Chef requested that all the waiters bring Tabasco to foreign guests; he couldn’t understand what the Chef was asking him to do.

According to Juice, linguists have a large contribution to society. “Some aircraft parts are manufactured worldwide and before being assembled in the United States. The instructions for all parts of the aircraft need linguists’ efforts, but the efforts of linguists are often overlooked when they stand face to face with the final, enormous, airplane.”

Juice says that if the world lacked communication, our daily lives would become a mess. He believes that without the ability to communicate, people would lose their desire for peace as well as their common dreams and goals; people would become so selfish without communication that it would result in the destruction of civilization.

Translation, Juice claims, changes the way we see the world. Linguists have the power to communicate concepts in a way that demonstrates its value across cultures. “Translation can share joy, effectiveness and culture. Because of translation, we can combine one world with one market.”

In addition to Juice’s creative answer, we at CSOFT chose several other favorite responses:

“Communication exclusively through Google translate” – Ricardo Dominguez

“The scariest thing would be that nobody would be able to communicate across borders, and to understand other cultures. It would be such a sad world, with closed minds, misunderstandings and no new cultures! Can people imagine that? Without linguists we would still live closed up in our small villages, without even thinking about going out of those borders and experience the good that the world has to offer.” – Liliana Silva

Thank you to everyone who entered this round of competition. We can’t wait to see what your answers are for Round 3!


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