Rodrigo Gaion

Winner of I Translate Competition Round 3: Rodrigo Gaion de Oliveira

The holiday season has ended, and so has round 3 of the I Translate competition. This round of competition, inspired by the spirit of the season, asked contestants to complete the sentence “It’s more than just translation, it’s…” The contest was open to all who appreciate translation and we saw some very passion-filled, creative responses. […]

I Translate Image

Winner of I Translate Competition Round 2: Siqi Zhu (a.k.a. Juice Zhu)

Round 2 of the I Translate campaign has officially closed. For this Halloween inspired round of competition, we asked respondents to answer the question “What’s the scariest thing that would happen in a world without linguists?” The contest was open to linguists and to those who understand and appreciate the importance of translation. Our winner […]

I Translate Panel

What Does “I Translate, I Transform” Mean to You?

“I translate, I transform.” What does this phrase mean to you? CSOFT’s very own Will Knight presented his panelists with that question at the recent CSOFT’s 11th Annual Summit in September. On the panel were Paul Liotti, technical communications and localization manager for Carestream, Annya Sedova-Bertram, senior manager at EMC, and Francois Zhang, director for […]

I Translate: Can All Argentinians Dance Tango?

As our I Translate initiative continues, we’d like to introduce you to Marina Ilari, a Spanish translator from Argentina. Always smiling and vibrant, Marina helps us debunk the biggest stereotypes: are Argentinians self-centered, and do all Argentinians really know how to dance the tango? She also tells us how translation allows her to connect with […]

I Translate: Are All Norwegians Blonde, Tall, and Strong?

Our video series featuring CSOFT’s linguists continues with an interview with Erling Dugan. A Norwegian Linguist with over 20 years of experience, Dugan talks about the stereotypes of Norwegians being blonde and tall, and Norwegian names being too difficult to pronounce. He also tells us the one question you shouldn’t ask Norwegian people because it’s […]

Carla Lopes

Winner of I Translate Competition Round 1: Carla Alexandra Lopes

The first round of the I Translate competition has officially come to an end. For this competition, we asked respondents to complete the sentence “I translate because…” The contest was open to linguists all around the world, and creativity was strongly recommended. Our winner was selected based on the amount of social media likes the […]


I Translate: Portugal – 95% Mustaches, 5% Bakeries?

Today, we are excited to share some exciting insights from one of our extremely talented in-house translators from Portugal, Liliana Silva. Translating from Portuguese, a day in the life of Liliana is by no means typical; her life is a constant whirlwind of changes depending on the work she has. In today’s video, you’ll hear […]