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Each year, CSOFT is delighted to have the opportunity to recognize its hardest working employees. Established in 2005 by CEO Shunee Yee, the CSOFT Academy Award aims to reward non-managerial individuals who have gone above and beyond their responsibilities and made great contributions to the company.

We are so thrilled to announce that the winners of CSOFT Academy Award 2015 are Lily Wang, Wenlei Qu and Tracey Li. In addition to the three winners, we also want to recognize our Shanghai-based Project Manager Yoya Yue who received the Special Recognition award for her tenacity and readiness to face new challenges. Congratulations! You guys deserve it!

CSOFT Academy Award

Each year, winners of the award earn free trips to a different holiday destination. Check out the video below to find out where Lily, Wenlei and Tracey will be spending their next holiday.

Our winners were selected out of 10 nominees who were all chosen based on their technical skills, communication capability, team work, dedication and loyalty to the company.  Although only three were selected, the judges agreed that each nominee possesses an extraordinary spirit. Join us as we honor the rest of the nominees of this year’s award—Celine Bai, Nancy Xu, Mandy Zhao, Sia Huan, Lily Wang, Beatriz Munoz, and Kobi Wang.

To know more about our top three finalists, we’ve provided a short bio of each winner. If you feel inspired by their story and dedication, feel free to use the comment box below to congratulate them.

Lily Wang, Lead Production Specialist

Lily Wang joined CSOFT in June 2010 and is currently a Lead Production Specialist in the Life Sciences & Health Business Unit. Lily’s work always carries her signature trademarks of efficiency and quality. In 2013, the Life Sciences & Health Business Unit needed a team leader with the ability to take over one of CSOFT’s most important accounts and Lily took up the challenge.  Currently working on two of CSOFT’s largest and most demanding clients, Lily has been able to meet and exceed their high quality standards. As a result, her team is among the most productive in CSOFT.

Wenlei Qu, Copy Editor

As a copy editor and an English-to-Chinese translator, Wenlei Qu has been an invaluable part of the CSOFT’s globalization and marketing team. Having joined the company nearly three years ago, Wenlei uses her expertise in translation and research to help advance the globalization process of large companies. Currently serving in the marketing team, Wenlei continues to dedicate her skill for the promotion of CSOFT by transcreating various marketing collaterals including brochures, data sheets, web content and CSOFT’s own publication HQ Magazine. By constantly delivering quality work in a timely fashion, she has proven her tremendous dedication to the team, especially when working on high-stakes projects such as CSOFT Annual Summit and YES (Year End Shipping).

Tracey Li, Global Resource Manager

Tracey Li joined CSOFT about 1.5 years ago. She was recently promoted from a Global Resource (GR) coordinator to a manager position. Since joining the Life Sciences & Health Business Unit, she has helped with sourcing and recommending linguists for big and urgent projects. In the past six months, she has enriched the life science resource database,  and, with her fellow coordinator, qualified more than 45 linguists in the third quarter and more than 60 in the fourth quarter of 2015. According to client feedback, the linguists Tracey recommended are very professional and productive.

Congratulations once again for your accomplishments! We hope this coming year will bring even more success and that all your wishes will come true. Finally, we will end with a video of last year’s winners Abby Kim, Elsie Jiang, and Vedica Wang who won trips to Taiwan. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us and congratulations again for winning one of CSOFT’s most prestigious awards.

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