earth day at CSOFT

Earth Day: CSOFTers Stay Green

Here at CSOFT, we strive to view every day as Earth Day. Our people come from all corners of the world, and don’t necessarily celebrate on the same day or in the same ways. However, we all make a conscious effort year-round to be environmentally conscious and friendly. To honor Earth Day, we took a moment to ask our global CSOFTers how their home countries celebrate our planet, and how they make an effort in their everyday lives to be more conscientious about the saving the environment.

I Translate Winner

Winner of I Translate Competition Round 3: Rodrigo Gaion de Oliveira

The holiday season has ended, and so has round 3 of the I Translate competition. This round of competition, inspired by the spirit of the season, asked contestants to complete the sentence “It’s more than just translation, it’s…” The contest was open to all who appreciate translation and we saw some very passion-filled, creative responses. […]