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3 ways CSOFT Improves Translation Quality

When searching for a language service provider to help you with your translation solutions, quality is everything. We’ve previously covered what can happen if quality takes a back seat when companies look to cut costs or save time. CSOFT believes translation quality is of utmost importance and uses the following three principles to ensure a quality translation, every time.

  1. Commitment to Human Translation

While other companies may rely solely on machine translation to save costs, CSOFT is committed to a balance of human and machine translation. Language is full of nuances that machines struggle to pick up on. Human translation means that an expert translator is crafting each sentence that you translated, making sure that all translations are always of the highest quality. These translators benefit through access to systems such as SDL Trados, by being able to order and structure their output. This allows our translators to implement their skills in translation quality, but also save and order their work through reliable systems for maximum efficiency.

  1. Use of CAT Tools

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools not only make life easier for translators but they also help to ensure high-quality translations. CAT tools assist translators in maintaining internal consistency with technical terms to make sure that even complex terms can be translated with ease. Speed is also a part of quality when evaluating translation solutions and CAT tools can increase translation speed by up to 50% in many cases. UbrTa, CSOFT’s own translation management system also allows for easy project management, eliminating forgotten deadlines and payment disputes.

  1. Native Translators and In-Country Subject Experts
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Language extends far beyond just words, and quality translation requires a firm grasp of culture and customs as well. This is why CSOFT uses native translators and in-country subject experts to ensure that every turn of phrase is appropriate for the audience that it hopes to reach. It is important to know what sort of tone is correct for each purpose, whether it’s fun and friendly for marketing purposes, or formal and professional for a press release. By using native translators you’ll never have to worry about getting the words right while getting the message wrong.

When you are looking to enter into new markets, ensuring that your documentation is translated correctly is a crucial step that cannot be overlooked. Thanks to all the reasons mentioned above, CSOFT ensures high-quality translation solutions for all industries. Visit for more information about how CSOFT can help you.

Written by John Wawrose – Senior Writer at CSOFT International
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