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Attempting to sell globally without the proper preparation can have disastrous consequences. There have been a number of companies, big and small, that have been forced to return home without global success due to insufficient planning and adaptation. Localizing your company website is often the first step in the internationalization process and, in many cases, is the most important.
Heard it all before? Well, here are 5 reasons as to why you might consider website localization:

1:  Your product or service may have already crossed boundaries, even if you have not

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, information is being shared more quickly and thoroughly than you can even imagine. This means your brand could have a collection of dedicated followers and even a group of potential clients overseas before you even considered going global. If that is the case, translating your website to their native language might be the difference between them being a fan of your product or service and them being a loyal customer.

2: Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success requires thorough localization of web pages

Search engines differ between international markets. So, even though your SEO might be pretty effective in one market, it doesn’t mean that it will be in another. Localizing your pages will definitely help to increase your SEO in local markets and by building up the number of page visits you receive from your global audience, your SEO will eventually start to improve organically as well.

3:  Conversion rates always increase with localized web pages

If your website is already receiving traffic from users who don’t speak your language natively, translation will definitely help to improve conversion rates. This is especially true in the case of expensive acquisitions, which tend to require more extensive research before purchase.

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4: If your competitors don’t have a multilingual website, you can gain a competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is a strong decision driver. If your competitors don’t have a multilingual website, translating yours may help you differentiate and stay ahead of the competition. This can go both ways too. If your competitors do have a localized webpage, and you do not, they will continue to move further ahead of you.

5: It becomes a necessity if you want to continue to grow

The backbone of all businesses is profit and revenue. If your company’s growth rate is becoming stagnant in your local market, targeting foreign markets where your product or service is a good fit can be a good way to continue to take in revenue and increase profits.

These 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg and website localization is one of the most cost-efficient ways to open up new markets. It has become almost a pre-requisite for any company wishing to grow internationally in today’s digitalized world. Luckily for you, there are companies out there, like CSOFT International, that will assist you with all your website localization needs. The small initial investment could help you grow your business tenfold, or at least stop you from lagging behind the competition!

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  1. Website localization has become an import factor to grow business and to reach the correct audience. If you have to establish your brand image internationally, after successful reputation in local market, Website localization is the key to success. Thanks for sharing information and Good explanation about the points.