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Finding free and available fonts has never been an issue for users. What has been and continues to be an issue, however, is selecting the perfect font for a specific situation. Even if the reader doesn’t realize it, the font is hugely influencing their opinion on what they are reading. A good typeface selection can be the difference between someone reading an entire page or giving up half way through. This is why, when it comes to picking the correct font, you can’t rely on instinct alone. You must consider function, context, as well as a number of other factors. Here are some key tips to make sure that you never pick the wrong font again.

Learn to Love Fonts

Try to embed font into your consciousness in every circumstance possible and make it a part of your everyday life. Don’t just consider it when you are creating content, but also when you are viewing content. This will allow you to become familiar with when fonts are effective and when they are wrong. Easier said than done? One way to build an interest in fonts is read different font blogs, check different foundries on social networking sites, as well as just keeping an eye out for when you see an interesting menu in your favorite restaurant or a snazzy poster of your favorite band and see how they resonate with you.

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Consider the Function

Always think about the functions of the piece before deciding on a font. It’s pointless to find an amazing, aesthetic typeface that ticks all of the creative boxes, testing it and wowing your client with it, only to discover that it won’t actually work for the project because it lacks key technical features. Consider these functions from the start to save yourself bags of time later.

Undertake Type Tests

Always test your type in ways that are the most relevant to the project possible. It is impossible to know if a typeface will work until you’ve seen it at the required size and tested whether the spacing works or not. This will give you a realistic idea of how it’s going to look which you can’t get from using filler text.

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Pair your Fonts Carefully

One effective way to keep the reader engaged is by using more than one font in the piece. This isn’t as easy as just choosing any two fonts that you like though. When pairing two typefaces, start by considering what you want to achieve with the different fonts. Multiple fonts can be used to create harmony, but they can also be used to create contrast. When trying to pick fonts that complement each other, be careful not to let things get too uniform or too drastic. If this is done wrong, it can leave the piece too bland or too disconnected, respectively.

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So, while font isn’t everything, it can certainly make a massive impression on the reader as well as ensuring the piece is as professional as it is creative. By using these tips, you will certainly give yourself the best chance of making your content as engaging and sleek as possible.