in Life at CSOFT

Thanksgiving may be an American holiday, but who can say no to a giant turkey feast smack in the middle of the day? At CSOFT, it’s tradition to celebrate this day of thanks surrounded by colleagues, Thanksgiving comfort food, and a roaring “fire”. Below are some images of our CSOFT Thanksgiving celebrations.

csoft thanksgiving

CSOFTers sitting around the Thanksgiving fire

csoft thanksgiving

Eat up!

So aside from Turkey, what was included in our feast? Our juicy turkey was paired with classics such as mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, stuffing, and the ever popular sweet potatoes with marshmallow.

Thanksgiving for many marks the official beginning of the holiday season, which means the end of the year is coming close. CSOFTers gathered in Hallelujah Mountains to sit around a fire and give thanks and appreciate the fortune we all have in our lives.

csoft thanksgiving

Marshmallow sweet potatoes are always a hit

We hope you enjoyed our CSOFT thanksgiving – Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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