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Shunee YeeIt’s next to impossible to write the first post in a blog. Especially on Mondays. Especially-squared on a Monday directly following MTV’s Movie Awards (did you see Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez?!) and the Celtics owning the Lakers in the NBA Finals. But here we are, back in the office—and it’s time for localization again. I’ve got quite a bit of pressure to keep this thing interesting.

So to commemorate our very first post on Simply CSOFT, I’d like to share with you another significant first for CSOFT.Drumroll please….

Common Sense Advisory recently released a report called “The Language Services Market: 2010” in which they named CSOFT International as one of the top localization vendors in the world. We were also named as the fourth largest localization vendor in all of Asia, which currently accounts for more than $1.8 billion dollars of the total localization market share.

This is exciting news for us—and it’s exciting news for our clients as well. In as little as seven years, we have grown organically from a one-office operation in downtown Beijing to a multinational, top-tier localization vendor with 13 offices around the world. We’ve managed to do so by resisting the “urge to merge,” and by sticking to our quality guns from day one of business.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our valued clientele, linguists, and team members for helping us get where we are today. I know that all of us have worked hard to get here, and after reading the results of CSA’s report,  we are more fired up than ever to offer fanatical customer service and value-driven deliverables.

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Moving forward, as the title of our blog suggests, Simply CSOFT represents a deconstruction of the process- and buzzword-heavy industry that localization has become. Through this blog, we hope to break down the processes, demystify the buzzwords, and give you a sneak peek into the world of localization from an insider’s perspective. That, and we’ll probably include the occasional recipe and a rant or two.

Please feel free to syndicate us through RSS feed or follow us on Twitter. We’ll do our best to keep you informed, entertained, and localization-savvy. So yeah… thanks for reading!

Oh… and go Celts :)

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