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If you haven’t heard, Shenzhen is the place to be next week. The annual LocWorld conference is returning from February 28th to March 2nd with many influential speakers and topics to look forward to. Last year’s conference was a success, discussing topics such as how to engage global customers profitably and the importance of culture when connecting people around the world. To get a sneak peek into what to expect at a LocWorld Conference, we’ve asked our VP of Greater China Business and Global Operations, Philippe Cao, to share his experience from last year’s event.


Annual LocWorld Conference

Philippe Cao, VP of Greater China Business and Global Operations

 1. What did you enjoy most about LocWorld?

LocWorld is THE event that gathers peers and professionals from our industry.

2. Why is a conference like LocWorld beneficial?

For the past few years LocWorld has been more and more present in China, which is a great initiative that CSOFT will be supporting, as there are more and more companies that are global or on the path of being global. Increasing localization awareness in China can only be a benefit in the long run to China and service providers. LocWorld is echoing what CSOFT has been doing successfully for the past few years. As mentioned in our recent press release, CSOFT is now servicing 4 of the Top Chinese Brands and more than 50% of the Top 30. That tells a lot about our dedication as well as our expertise.

3. What were some interesting topics that were touched upon by the speakers at the convention?

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LocWorld is gathering great speakers and experts from all parties, companies, service providers and 3rd party organizations such as universities and associations. The topics are all broad and interesting, but those that touch on talent acquisition as well as technological trends are certainly the most interesting to me.

4. What is the most important piece of advice you have to companies who are in the process of going global?

I would recommend any company that is in the process of going global to find the right partner that will listen to its needs and tailor solutions accordingly, instead of a partner that will bring off-the-shelf solutions. Only with maturity gain will there be a convergence towards the same standards, tools and processes. But for those companies that are just getting started, you may ask yourself whether it is necessary to invest in sophisticated tools and systems when you do not have the structure in place to apply them. You may get there but it will take some time, whether it is quick or not will depend on companies and their strategy.

In the Global Communications industry, it’s essential that businesses are not only aware, but ahead of localization trends. With speakers this year from Google, Huawei, and CSOFT International, there won’t be a shortage of valuable information.

Please visit the LocWorld website to find out more!