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As people find themselves spending upwards of 30 hours a week sitting in front of a desk, it has become increasingly difficult for office workers to avoid the office belly and stay in shape. What is even more concerning is that people can start to develop health problems such as back pains and even chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer because of long, stationary hours spent behind a desk. Today, we will share some tips for avoiding the dreaded “spare tire” around your middle.

Office Belly

1. Stock up on healthy snacks

Think twice next time before you grab that diet coke or bag of baked potato chips. Don’t let the words “diet” or “baked” trick you. Simply bringing snacks like green tea bags, trail mix, cereal, or fruit from home will curb temptation; all it takes is a little preparation and will power.

2. Sit with good posture

Make sure you are sitting properly so that you can avoid potential back pain and fat accumulation on your stomach. You should strive to always keep your feet on the ground, avoid slouching and refrain from crossing your legs.

3. Drink water

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, I bet you should be drinking more water than you currently do. Water can help you digest faster and clear out your stomach. After all, making a couple more trips to the bathroom is a small sacrifice for a healthier life.

4. Exercise your muscles

Try taking a deep breath while tensing your stomach and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds. This small motion provides a good abdominal workout and can be done sat at your desk or during boring meetings. In addition, tensing your stomach and swinging your arms from side to side when you walk can also help tighten your muscles.

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5. Stretch your body whenever you can

Body stretches such as stretching your arm across your chest, bending your arm behind your head, or simply bending over to touch your toes are all helpful in preventing a stiff body. Last but not least, if you have the space and time, try a hula hoop or a yoga ball during lunch break.

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