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Like NGO Communication strategies, our experts' itinerary spanned much of the globe

Figure 1. CSOFT’s Global Communications business sends off two of their communications experts for a -two-week trip to Sudan. Safe Travels Nemo and William!


With eight hundred and fifteen million people worldwide experiencing chronic hunger day after day, of that number, one in four of the world’s children is stunted, and global hunger becomes an ever-mounting issue due to wars, conflicts, and natural disasters.

Working to assist over 80 million people in the fight towards food security, international aid programs work in over 80 countries each year. At their core, these program aims to deliver food assistance during times of emergencies and work with local communities in improving nutrition and building resilience. Each year, over 12.6 billion rations are distributed in some of the most difficult environments, and CSOFT is honored and pleased to be working with one of the largest and most effective programs to improve its NGO communication strategy and help them do this better.

Wishing to build a better understanding of the nature of the work ahead of us, CSOFT is sending two of our very own experts to embark on an eye-opening journey to Sudan. They will be on-site to see for themselves the impact that this organization is having on hunger within the refugee settlements. They will begin their journey in Khartoum with a stop at Nyala and concluding in Al Fashir.

About CSOFT’s NGO Communication Services

CSOFT’s award-winning international team is committed to helping global organizations and companies in all forms of communications by eliminating both language and cultural barriers through our integrated solutions for content development and localization.

We are proud to join forces with countless other organizations in the effort to eliminate hunger across local communities and provide material that is catered to all people with different backgrounds, cultures, needs, technical knowledge, and education levels.

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