After a few months’ sabbatical, Simply CSOFT is back with some exciting new announcements to share. Over the coming weeks, we’ll reveal what we’ve been working on during our time away, but for now, we’ll leave you with this: the annual CSOFT World Operations Summit is right around the corner! A week of mutual learning, sharing and team building, this perennial tradition gives cause to celebrate the CSOFT family and all that we’ve accomplished together.

World Operations Summit

Attended by some of the localization industry’s best and brightest, the annual Summit provides an opportunity for members of both the company and the community to gather and discuss localization-related topics in a fun and informative setting. It offers remote members of the company, whether in business development, translation or operations, the chance to reconvene at headquarters and participate in comprehensive trainings, discussions, presentations and team-building activities. Additionally, the Summit is also a time for CSOFT, as a united team, to realign goals, milestones and aspirations.

In its ninth consecutive year, the 2012 World Operations Summit will focus primarily on the development of East to West business and trade. Starting from June 6th, the World Operations Summit events will include:

  • Presentations from guest speakers:
    • Michael Anobile, former Director of LISA, Localization Industry Standards Association
    • Yan Ma, Localization Manager at Corel
    • Janet Stites, Publisher and Editor at China Business Knowledge
    • Bill Powell, China Bureau Chief at Fortune
    • David Zeng, Vice President of Halliburton China
    • Robin Wu, Senior Vice President of Foton Motor
    • Will Knight, Executive Director of Microsoft Asia Pacific, and more
  • Industry-specific case study presentations, with topics that include voice localization, technology transfer and localization information specific to the Energy industry
  • Panel discussion about East to West business opportunities and challenges
  • Stump the Experts, a CSOFT tradition
  • CSOFT’s annual Friday Night Party
  • Weekend Team Building Retreat at Dalian
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As a leader of the localization industry, CSOFT prides itself on delivering the highest quality services through a combination of cutting edge technology, unparalleled customer service and a unified vision. It is this vision that will drive the 2012 World Operations Summit and lead the company in its future endeavors. But no spoilers! You’ll have to wait for the World Operations Summit to learn where CSOFT is headed for the second half of 2012 and into 2013!

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