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CSOFT Social Media Mash

Here at CSOFT, we are proud of our dedicated talent and their commitment to excellence; AND…they also know how to party! CSOFT’s Super Social Media Mash Extravaganza was held last Friday at our headquarters in Beijing and we were so excited to have some of our staff from abroad and friends in the media join us too.  The main purpose of the event was to raise awareness among our staff about the different social media channels that are currently being used by CSOFT. (And now that you’ve found your way to our company blog, don’t forget to engage with us on all our social networking sites, including WeChat (ID: csoftintl), Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn….nudge nudge)

Not to brag, but we think that the Super Social Media Mash Extravaganza went down a storm. Those who had the most fun were probably the ones who participated in a treasure hunt called Social Quest. Close to 100 CSOFTers were divided into 10 groups, where they had to take photos of items or tasks being completed. The game turned out to be the perfect team building exercise; it not only instilled a spirit of cooperation among our staff, but also helped us unwind, de-stress and get to know each other a little bit better.

The game, of course, would not have happened if it wasn’t because of our awesome team leaders: Alex Wang, Silvia Loglisci, Julia Wehrle, Mianmian Xie, Elana Siu, Jacqueline Liu, Effie Yang, Jenny Chen, Francoise Ieong, and Koji Iwamoto. Thank you for inspiring creativity in your respective teams. You guys are all winner!

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