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E-learning is the future of education, and the future of education is international. From online universities to learning a new language, the industry has exploded in growth, and with it the demand for e-learning and m-learning translations to meet demand in new markets. For a quick summary, the e-learning market is currently growing at a yearly compounded rate of 7% and is expected to hit $331 billion by 2025.

International Impacts

With growing online education resources, the international market is quickly rising. People who didn’t have access to good schools can now learn from online resources on their own time. To promote access to these resources, e-learning platforms are translating their work into international languages. Each new dialect is an entirely new market eager for education.

Mobile Learning

77% of the U.S. population currently has a cell-phone (compared to only 35% in 2011). Comparatively, 36% of the world’s population uses smartphones which is double the amount in 2011. The cell-phone boom has invented an entirely new form of e-learning called m-learning (Mobile Learning).

Learning through a portable cell phone allows users to access information on the go. Whether you’re sitting in the back of a car, riding the train, or waiting for the next meeting to start, m-learners can access and digest information within seconds.

M-learning requires an entirely new form of localization which is more effective than traditional e-learning. Studies show that 70% of the e-learners were more motivated to use their mobile devices rather than their computers. An example is one of the top m-learning platforms, YouTube. With over 1.9 billion logged in users a month, Youtube provides a quick and straightforward platform to access education on any topic.

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M-learning translations require an expert who is familiar with that field. CSOFT International has professionals around the world who have specific expertise in the unique needs faced in m-learning.

Global Readability

E-learning is quickly becoming one of the most crucial platforms for promoting universal education. With the increased access to technology and the availability of resources, e-learning has become available internationally and is only rising. Platforms can advance their presence in new markets through translation and localization.

CSOFT International has a network of over 10,000 in-country linguists who specialize in e-learning and m-learning translations. With the understanding and insight needed to develop online learning materials for specific local audiences, our subject matter experts can help ensure maximum reach with learners and better ROI in foreign markets.

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