eLearning translations enable universities to go global and remote at the same time.

From Translation Courses to Course Translation: Higher Education Shifts Toward Online Education

With eLearning translations taking off as online training becomes common at companies and corporations of all sizes, many have pointed to higher education as the next global frontier in online learning even before the current pandemic. What others may not realize is that universities have been cautiously making their way towards offering full online degree […]

eLearning Localization for Your Company

eLearning Localization: Three Important Considerations

In today’s modern and dynamic workplace, a growing company cannot expand if they aren’t training their employees on new standards and practices. Simply throwing together a PowerPoint deck and distributing it just does not cut it anymore. Let’s face it; what works in one country may not be suitable for another, and so forth. So, […]

online education localization

Online Education Localization: Reshaping China’s Education Industry

China’s online education industry has grown consistently in recent years. With US$1.2 billion of global investments in edtech in 2016 and an expected 20% annual growth rate, the e-education market is expected to reach US$190 billion by 2019, according to iResearch. More than just a new trend or fashion, the digitalization of education in China is becoming a serious industry.

life sciences e-Learning content is becoming highly dynamic

Life Sciences e-Learning Content: Best Practices

In our digitally connected world, e-Learning is being used ever more frequently as a method of information delivery. Utilized by industries around the globe, e-Learning allows for efficient and cost-effective continued learning and training opportunities. Localizing e-Learning material enables users to access course materials easily from anywhere around the world through the internet or company intranet.