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Issue Three of Your Own Terms, the biweekly comic about Sir Terminus: Crusader of Logic, Manly Valor, and Multilingual Terminology Management.

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More information about Multilingual Terminology Management:

Open discussion channels between translators and reviewers are essential to the overall quality of your organization’s in-country and/or outsourced review cycle. Not only that, but a mechanism that promotes remote collaboration is essential to closing the gap between the different functional groups and employees around the world who are involved in the development of your glossary at the source.

TermWiki, the localization industry’s first completely online, wiki-based and collaborative terminology management system, comes with embedded, term-specific discussion panels to help keep terminology- and translation-related disputes organized and relevant to the topic at hand. All authorized users can freely discuss their opinions and address term-specific concerns in a structured, completely traceable platform.

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