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As Spring Festival this year falls upon us, the familiar smells and tastes of the new year are fast approaching. With the atmosphere buzzing with excitement and kitchens coming alive, what dishes evoke warm memories for you? For Shunee Yee, founder and CEO of CSOFT International, the dish, Shi Xiang Cai, or “Ten Fragrant Vegetables”, not only reminds her of the fond memories spent at her grandmother’s house growing up, but also symbolizes the hopes and expectations for the new year.

As believers in the importance of cross-cultural communication, CSOFT employees and linguists from all over the world contributed recipes dear to their hearts and shared the warm stories behind the food – resulting in “Around the Table”, the newest addition to CSOFT’s International Cookbook Series.

Although all cuisine from different regions and countries are uniquely diversified in ingredients, flavors, and cooking methods, food represents a common language between people. No matter what country you’re from, language you speak, or religion you believe in, enjoying delicious food together is an unchanging nature of mankind – allowing people to connect and appreciate the love of life by sharing stories over a good meal. Spring Festival is something we can all appreciate and celebrate.

“At CSOFT, we’ve always valued the importance of human connections, whether through food, language, or culture. We want to thank you for supporting us through all these years and we hope this book helps to bring back sweet memories of your own favorite dishes.” [Around the Table Foreword, Page 9]

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As we all welcome the spring, Shunee hopes this book brings up fond memories as you sit around the table with family – sharing food, making new memories, and living the best life. Happy Year of the Pig!

Click here for Around the Table’s e-version.