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Stepes to Success - translation app


Dubbed the “Uber of translation”, Stepes (pronounced /‘steps/) aims to directly bring translators to clients on-demand.  The world’s first chat based translation app has over 100+ languages available, and thousands of qualified translators worldwide, making it is easy to see why Stepes is leading the way in the burgeoning translation industry.

How it works:

Stepes has simplified the translation process like never before, and the way it works is simple. Within 3 easy steps, the client can upload their project, specify the language and industry, and immediately get a price quote. Once the project parameters are set in place, a professional translator will begin work on the project. After the translation is finished, the client can rate the translator and their work, thus ensuring consistently high quality work.

With its focus on customers first, Stepes operates on a mobile based platform giving clients the ability to track their project progress anytime, anywhere.  With its user-friendly interface, Stepes offers users intuitive and easy to use software unlike any traditional translation software currently available.

New Functions:

Only a year after its development, Stepes is  innovating in the translation industry by rolling out new features to suit a variety of translation needs. The company has recently unveiled its Twitter and Facebook translation function, which helps companies instantaneously translate their social media content for a wider, global audience. Never before has there been a way to seamlessly update your companies’ social media presence in such a rapid manner.

In addition to large companies, Stepes has also begun focusing on the individual, and as Stepes founder Carl Yao has put it, “democratizing translation”. With the new One-on-One feature, users can now get live translations of audio, text, and images. The technology is simple; you download the mobile app, get connected to a translator instantly, and send them whatever basic translation needs you may have. Whether it’s talking to your taxi driver, reading a foreign menu, or simply navigating the streets of a new city, getting lost in a foreign country will now be a thing of the past.

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The translation industry is changing everyday so it’s important to work with a company that understands innovation and respects quality. Stepes acknowledges the importance of efficient human-to-human translation, and strives to keep translation personal. The Stepes team is dedicated to providing efficient and rapid translation for all needs across a variety of industries. If you would like to learn more about Stepes please visit their official website here.

With each innovation in the translation industry, CSOFT aims to be at the forefront -championing technology that makes translation more reliable, accessible and efficient. Stepes as an investment is proof of the forward thinking ethos that CSOFT employs, because if a company in the localization field is not invested in exploring new possibilities, growth and success will never be possible.


Written by Patrick Keefe, Technical Writer at CSOFT International

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