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In a world that consists of over 6500 different spoken languages, quick and easy communication across nations can often be a problem. Here at CSOFT we aim to bridge this gap with the launch of our newest translation platform, Stepes. The inspiration for the name came from the Eurasian Stepes, the vast steppe eco-region that stretches all the way from North Eastern China across to Moldova in Eastern Europe. This huge grassland strip is extremely significant as, not only does it connect continents, culturally and through trade, it was also widely believed to be the location in which language first originated. The significance resonates with the creators of Stepes, who believe that their app could truly change the way in which translation works across the globe.

Stepes – The World’s First Chat Based Translation App


The translation industry has grown significantly in demand over the past, however, little has been done in terms of improving the ease of use and accessibility of the software that translators use. This is where Stepes comes in.

Stepes is a human translation platform in which customers upload the documents that they want translated and said documents are then made available to specially selected translators based on their linguistic ability and the industry the translator has a background in. The translation is completed though a familiar chat-based view and swiping left and right allows the user to view the original and translated texts. Once the translation has been completed, the customer can review the work and rate the translations and, much like Uber, the better the rating the translator receives; the more likely they are to receive projects in the future.

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Part of the reason behind Uber’s success is that the Uber experience offers an improved service experience; an Uber’s backseat is usually clean and comfortable, and the driver often chitchats with the customer to make sure they have the best customer experience. Why? The reason is simple – the Uber driver cares about their service quality as they are held accountable in a rating based economy. In the same fashion, Stepes translators are also constantly ranked on their performance, identifying the best translators in each subject.

Being able to connect translators with people that need translations almost seamlessly could change the way translation is done forever. If someone needs content for large e-commerce sites to be translated or instant translations of customer support information, Stepes can be used and the translations received almost instantly. This, combined with the fact that translators can complete paid translation jobs wherever they are, is why Stepes has gained so much media attention in recent weeks and is so highly anticipated.

So if you are a translator and you are looking to make some extra money translating or if you need some content translated quickly and to a high standard, Stepes is an app that could certainly be of use.

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