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So you just received a large translation project.  Of course the first step to finishing the project is to find a good translator. But how do you find one? How do you differentiate a translator who is experienced, fast, affordable, and specialized in your industry sector? After all, there’s not a single translator who doesn’t claim their work is “good.”

And now try to put yourself in the shoes of millions of experienced translators. Someone who is a really, really good translator can easily be unnoticed because companies tend to select the cheapest rather than the best. They are also often left to wonder when or if they will be paid.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Great translators deserve respect and recognition. That’s why CSOFT International developed ÜbrTà, a community for highly qualified linguists. It has revolutionized the way we handle the translation process – not just in the office, but with our global network of in-country linguists as well. With ÜbrTà in place, unnecessary steps in typical translation workflows are eliminated in order to streamline the overall process. Combining real-time translation memory (TM) with powerful simultaneous QA, ÜbrTà delivers the next step in quality, consistency and efficiency. It’s Translation made Easy!

So to help you better understand ÜbrTà, check out a short video below, put together by our talented Global Technology team.  And for all you dedicated and hardworking translators, come and be a part of ÜbrTà’s elite community of translators!

For those of you who can’t access Youtube, you can view the video on Youku instead.

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