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Across the globe people found new measures to facilitate cross-border communications in 2020. In numerous countries, physical borders were enforced, discouraging the movement of people and cross-cultural initiatives. In times when people around the world were confined, many sought inventive ways to reach across borders and harvest multicultural connections. Millions of people expressed new interests in learning a language, organizing virtual events, and live streaming special moments like graduations, birthdays, and wedding ceremonies. Similarly, workplaces encouraged the importance of cooperation across cultures as they transitioned to working online. Essentially, we saw humans extend communications and adopt new ways to virtually gather both personally and professionally.

The widespread desire to look beyond borders and grow cross-cultural connections became increasingly important in 2020. This is evident as people around the world dove into new technologies to simulate social, educational, and professional interactions. Interestingly, an increase in popularity for learning a foreign language in 2020 proved one of the more notable examples of this global trend. Learning a language not only empowers people to push the parameters of their communication abilities but also increases their awareness of other cultures, particularly in times of mutual struggles.

Changes in how we communicated across countries impacted global businesses and educational institutions. Corporate events, calls, and conferences were all carried out virtually as working online became the new norm in 2020. In doing so, however, workplaces adopted new measures to continually include workers dispersed across the globe and took on new business opportunities. Similarly, while students could not attend in-person learning, education continued outside of the classroom through live classes and interactive learning sessions focused on maintaining open discussions. Together, these trends clearly portray the needs of people and companies to maintain and facilitate closer cross-border communications.

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As we look forward into 2021, we do so understanding the true value of multicultural and multilingual communications in a new light. While at first the sharp transition to online learning and working online seemed disruptive, in retrospect it highlights the importance humans place on facilitating interactive moments. By strengthening communications across borders, we can break down language and cultural barriers and engage in initiatives that welcome cultural diversity and inclusiveness, especially when we are separated by location. What was 2020’s moment of crisis-turned-opportunity will still persist as an opportunity to bring people more of the digital communications that are redefining the very nature of what an opportunity to communicate can be.

Inclusive communications and interactions are crucial for a thriving online workplace. Technology is no doubt the primary enabler of these interactions and many look towards technological advancements in 2021 for smoother online cooperation across teams. Adopting new software technologies (such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)) will define communications among internal teams, or internal customers, in 2021. Workplaces will require accelerated and automated deliveries of such software to improve their online operating systems for diverse workplaces. Additionally, as companies adopt cloud-based technological solutions, managing data communications through software services (ie. Everything as a Service, or XaaS) from external customers will be critical to future success. CSOFT has the necessary expertise to support companies accelerate online communications through localization.

CSOFT emphasizes the significance of universal cooperation and encourages broader communications across global industries. Our ability to work towards bridging cultural differences through the power of language will continue to be CSOFT’s highest priority in 2021 and beyond. As a leading language service provider (LSP), CSOFT is passionate about cross-cultural cooperation and cross-border communications. Through translation and our technical expertise, CSOFT offers effective solutions to help multinational companies continue working across borders. With a network of 10,000+ in-country linguists and subject matter experts, CSOFT helps businesses to strengthen their cross-cultural communications and take on 2021 successfully. Learn more at!