Cross-border Communications: Entering 2021

Across the globe people found new measures to facilitate cross-border communications in 2020. In numerous countries, physical borders were enforced, discouraging the movement of people and cross-cultural initiatives. In times when people around the world were confined, many sought inventive ways to reach across borders and harvest multicultural connections. Millions of people expressed new interests […]

Entertainment Without Borders: How Streaming Services Are Driving the Global Expansion of Entertainment

If you have been even a casual consumer of online entertainment in recent weeks, it will come as no surprise that streaming is having its moment. With HBO Max as just the latest to make the jump in a long list of “channels” now available for subscription streaming, the greatest surprise is no longer that […]


5 Technologies that Changed Translation and Communication

  In our globalized world, communication between countries is becoming more and more essential and quick and accurate translations are necessary to accommodating this trend. Economic growth and diplomacy also depend on our ability to communicate fluently, and it is the goal of international organizations, from the UN to the EU, to bring together otherwise disparate peoples, […]

RED around the World: What does China’s favorite color communicate in other cultures?

RED around the World: What does China’s favorite color communicate in other cultures?

With China’s Spring Festival celebration in full swing, the country’s favorite color is everywhere.  During this special holiday season, red paraphernalia is not limited to home and office décor; nearly every aspect of Chinese life takes on a crimson tinge. From the red envelopes stuffed with cash and given as gifts, to the red gowns […]