Cross-border communications: ever more sophisticated.

Cross-border Communications: Entering 2021

Across the globe people found new measures to facilitate cross-border communications in 2020. In numerous countries, physical borders were enforced, discouraging the movement of people and cross-cultural initiatives. In times when people around the world were confined, many sought inventive ways to reach across borders and harvest multicultural connections. Millions of people expressed new interests […]

eLearning translations enable universities to go global and remote at the same time.

From Translation Courses to Course Translation: Higher Education Shifts Toward Online Education

With eLearning translations taking off as online training becomes common at companies and corporations of all sizes, many have pointed to higher education as the next global frontier in online learning even before the current pandemic. What others may not realize is that universities have been cautiously making their way towards offering full online degree […]

Virtual graduation

CSOFT’s CEO Shunee Yee Speaks at the Johns Hopkins-Nanjing Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

On June 12th, 2020, the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center of Chinese and American Studies (HNC) celebrated 36 graduate students and 74 certificate students at their virtual graduation ceremony. During the online graduation ceremony, speakers from around the world spoke to the Class of 2020, including CSOFT Founder & CEO Ms. Shunee Yee. As recent […]

What Video Game Translators Tell Us About Video Game Localization

What Video Game Translators Tell Us About Video Game Localization

In 2017, gaming company Sports Interactive provoked the ire of Chinese gamers who were not able to find a Chinese translation for its game Football Manager 2017. Soon after, a flood of negative reviews from those users followed on Steam (the largest online video game distribution platform worldwide), impacting the game’s presence in the global […]

Education Translation: Trends in Online Education

Education Translation: Trends in Online Education

Plenty of attention has been drawn to the way traditional public and private schools are transitioning to online learning models during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, for many years now, online schools have largely gone overlooked, despite being a groundbreaking alternative to offline education. With full academic years and complete curricula administered entirely online, these types […]