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The CSOFT family has some BIG news to share with you all: just last Friday we expanded our CSOFT’s headquarters into the Central Business District (CBD), right in the heart of Beijing! Bustling with raw, productive energy, dynamic individuals, and reputable businesses committed to progress, the CBD was the next natural step for CSOFT’s next-generation approach to localization services and cutting-edge language technology.

Powered by a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure, our team is fully equipped to provide our valued clientele with faster and better customer service than ever before. In an effort to share our feelings of excitement, festivity, and exhilaration, here are some photos from the big move posted below for your viewing pleasure:

CSOFT's Headquarters Expand into Beijing1. Excitement in the air as work finished for the day. 2. People gathering their belongings into boxes. 3. Taking extra care. 4. Workers outside, ready to begin the process. 5. Boxes. 6. More boxes. 7. Boxes galore. 8. A quiet moment, saying farewell.

Our new office in the World Financial Center (WFC) is everything shiny, sleek, and brand-spankin’-new you could want out of a world-class facility, equipped with technology and equipment so fancy that we’re almost tempted to leave the plastic on everything, especially the couches (just kidding!… maybe not….). In order to ensure that the move did not disrupt our service in any way, it was prepared well in advance, and took place over the weekend. Friday evening came around in a lively yet bittersweet manner, but we all left feeling more excited than anything else. As Monday morning approached, we entered bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, like giddy children on their first day of school (some more bushy-tailed than others).

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CSOFT's Headquarters Expand into BeijingCSOFT’s World Headquarters in the World Financial Center in downtown Beijing

And lastly, it wouldn’t be a proper move if we didn’t misplace something near and dear to our hearts. If anybody sees the package on the right side of the following photo, please return it to us. The shipping label located just below the hairline and above the nose will inform you where to direct it (him).

A photo of Robert Derbyshire, getting ready to be packed, along with computer and belongings. Missing: He answers to the name Robert and speaks with an English accent.

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  1. No Pilipo… we are in localisation!

    Oh dear – did I just start that argument again?

  2. I would have said British accent rather than English!

    We are in localization, so let’s be specific :)!

    Thanks CSOFT, this is an awesome blog

  3. I think they put Robert somewhere between Cloud City and Godric’s Hollow…. or wait, was it Middle Earth? :)

  4. hey Robert! you always be the spot light!!! fun fun fun!

  5. Didn’t you hear? We found Robert devouring crumpets and drinking tea with his pinky up in the broom closet the next day.

    You can call off the missing person report.

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