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CSOFT’s TermWiki Celebrates its One Year Anniversary! It’s funny how a-ha moments strike when you are least expecting it. A fun fact about TermWiki that you might not know is that it was conceived in a downtown bar in Beijing! The live music band that was onstage that night was supposedly playing with such gusto that the beat of the drum and the strums of the guitar were enough to pulsate to life the beginning wisps of what would soon turn into TermWiki.

A few weeks later, the TermWiki concept began unraveling, synthetic bricks being laid down to form the foundation of an idea that would change how countless companies, individuals, and translators from all around the world would approach social learning and terminology management.

It is hard to believe that a year has already gone by. The entire journey has been a great adventure and experience, and the hard work of many around the world made every moment worthwhile. To all of our supporters, contributors, and believers, many thanks…This day goes out to you!

The timeline below will take you through TermWiki’s first year—our achievements, the addition of new features, and the result of ongoing collaboration with all of our supporters.

CSOFT's TermWiki Celebrates its One Year Anniversary!

Don’t forget to stop by to check out the One Year TermWiki Awards to find out more about user accomplishments and some interesting facts. As illustrated below,  the contributors have helped us reach the one millionth term mark just last month, and we are still going strong!

CSOFT's TermWiki Celebrates its One Year Anniversary!

If you’re interested in translation, localizing, or even if you just like to read the occasional blog, check out our website here.

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  1. Whoa, congrats to the entire team and TW community! I actually thought TermWiki had been around for longer than a year, so to me, it’s even more impressive that all of this was achieved in a year. Great job to everyone who contributed!

    Lovin’ the graphics!

  2. Congrats to TermWiki. This is such a wonderful tool and to be so advanced in just one year! Quite amazing. Hats off to CSOFT for thinking of this most obvious solution to social learning and terminology management!

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