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The 3 Best Translation Tools for Translators - Simply CSOFT

There are a variety of methodologies and translation tools within the translation industry that go into the creation of an accurate and effective translation. These tools help support a translator in completing a translation job that both conveys the original message and embodies the original content. Professional translators use a wide variety of tools and approaches to accomplish this goal, but invariably, certain translation tools will always be found in the tool box of any translator worth their salt. Below are the 3 best translation tools for any type of translation:

SDL Trados

The current market leader for translation tools is SDL Trados with its acclaimed SDL Studio feature. This program gives translators access to a variety of useful applications; allowing them to successfully make comparisons and highlight errors between the original source material and their translations. Trados Studio also comes with many other useful features including Multiterm, Spell Checker, Track Changes, Preview, and a glossary for technical terminology or common phrases, which allows translators to ensure that the same translation is used consistently throughout projects. With its many components, SDL Trados is the perfect tool to allow linguists to translate quickly and effectively.


Lilt is another translation tool that must be mentioned as one of the 3 best translation tools. This tool has been chosen because of its focus on generating suggestions via an adaptive machine translation system, instead of SDL Trados, which relies primarily on translation memory. The developers of Lilt inform us that Lilt is designed to learn from its users, suggesting an increasing flexibility in the ‘brains’ of translation tools going forward.

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Stepes is the perfect translation tool for linguists on-the-go. Its revolutionary mobile platform allows translators to receive short translation projects any time, anywhere. Businesses or travelers in need of high quality translation can be quickly given access to human translation through the Stepes App. By utilizing a mobile platform, Stepes has simplified the (often complicated) translation process to ensure quality, speedy translations.
At CSOFT we ensure that our linguists and customers stay one step of the game when it comes to the most up to date translation technology. The market is evolving and the possibilities for effective translation are increasing. Despite the increasing effectiveness and possibilities offered by translation tools, there is no replacement for input by accomplished human linguists!


Written by Jordan Papolos- Senior Writer at CSOFT International
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