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Today marks the final exhibition day of the Localization World conference. Held from 9-11 October, the conference is taking place in Silicon Valley, the world’s leading tech hub. Localization World, or LocWorld for short, brings together leading firms in international business, translation, localization and global website management. This being right down our alley, CSOFT is there to participate.

Localization World

Building on the success of conferences since 2003, this edition of Localization World once more brings localization and translation professionals up to speed about the latest trends in the business. All major industry players in attendance are there to flaunt their newest products and services and at the same time have a peek at what the competition is cooking up. For the conference goers’ convenience, the talks and discussion sessions are divided into a total of nine different tracks (such as Advanced Localization Management, Content Strategy, and Translation Automation) to keep up with the varied interests within the localization industry.

In addition to our booth in the exhibition space, CSOFT’s own Ben Pinney, Vice President of Globalization Services at CSOFT, will provide a thought-provoking speech titled “Double Disruption: The End of Localization as We Know It and the Rise of Asia, Inc.” Ben’s talk touches on two megatrends poised to define the future of localization and how the two might interact. So, if you happen to be in the Bay Area, you’re more than welcome to check us out at LocWorld Silicon Valley!

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