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CSOFT, a leading expert for technical communications in China, has worked with some of the country’s most successful companies, including Alibaba, Huawei, Midea, Didi, and more. Because of its successful, extensive, and diverse experience at providing seamless communications for all types of business, its technical communications team is able to provide insightful, industry-specific knowledge, and give proven answers as to the fundamental question: how do I make my brand go global?

Midea and Hover Camera are two examples of companies who have taken the smart step of investing in top quality technical communications experts. Because their products are available worldwide, either from successfully marketing under their own name or through gaining global platforms such as the Apple Store, both brands are enjoying the rewards of their investment and reaping the fruits of the global market. These two companies will be in attendance for a sharing session presented by CSOFT’s technical communications experts. Among the previously mentioned benefits of CSOFT’s technical communications team, the session will focus on how to create quality documentation, much as these two companies did, which succeeds in the global market.

The training session will be filled with proven communication methodologies that result in effective solutions to help you, and your company, take the next step in improving your technical content for an international audience.

Attendees can expect a comprehensive workshop that outlines key aspects such as how to create world-class technical communications, an in-depth examination of technical writing best practices, as well as what the critical language rules relating to the principles of Clarity, Concreteness, and Style are. Moreover, the event will also feature industry experts from Midea and Hover Camera who will share their industry-specific insights, and enlighten you about their journey in creating technical documentation.

CSOFT, having presented at the 2017 tcworld event in Shanghai, is already a major influence in the technical communications industry in China. By providing this training session, CSOFT continues to emphasize its dedication towards the development of technical communication in China, bringing various stakeholders together. By attending this workshop, your chances of networking, sharing knowledge, and forming key relationships with writers from China’s top companies is guaranteed. Additionally, you will be in a prime opportunity to share experiences, challenges ideas, and help drive the future of the technical communications industry in China.

Written by Tarance Mathebula – Technical Writer at CSOFT International

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