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What did you enjoy most about last year’s tcworld?

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Joshua Hughman

Last year’s tcworld was a great opportunity to meet industry experts from Europe and China – and learn about how different companies are creating great TC in China. TC is a vital industry and any innovation in the field is obviously of great international interest – The evolving nature of China’s economy means that there was plenty to talk about and discuss, and I left with a genuine feeling that I’d absorbed interesting new angles on TC’s application and development in China and the Chinese market.

Why is a conference like tcworld beneficial?

The conference is incredibly beneficial because it brings together all of the experts in the field. It’s very important to have a dedicated event such as tcworld to give experts a stage to broadcast their ideas for the benefit of all those that are involved in the industry. We get a chance to share and learn from each other, which also allows us to build better networks and work together to build our knowledge of the industry and better business opportunities. I personally find conferences like tcworld so beneficial because they are a great opportunity to network and meet experts from both China and the west who are interested in the industry.

What were some interesting topics that were touched upon by the speakers at last year’s convention?

One of my favorite talks delivered at the last tcworld was given by Michael Fritz, the CEO of Tekom – he gave a great presentation on explaining certain ongoing paradigm changes and how technical communicators can master these upcoming changes. We are very excited to work with Mr. Fritz in the future as one of the leading lights in the field!

What is it about this year’s convention that you’re most looking forward to?

There’s so much going on over the conference that it’s hard to pick topics in particular – The chance to continue to learn and perfect CSOFT’s approach to TC so it remains fresh and compelling is a major incentive. There’s also a huge host of speeches, talks and events from 25 national and international speakers to anticipate with a fantastic, dedicated audience ranging from TD Engineers to Content Architects.

Finally, tell us about your own contribution… What will you be enlightening us about this May 8th?

I’m going to introduce different types of solutions to help businesses adjust strategies to succeed in the global market. I’ll talk about how can China overcome the ‘Made in China’ bias, what the core differences in culture and expectations are affecting documentation, and whether it’s possible to find qualified, professional, native-language writers in China – and if yes, what can companies do to keep them.

Joshua Hughman is the Senior Manager of Technical Communications at CSOFT International

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