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This year, for CSOFT’s 8th Annual World Operations Summit, the theme was A Whole New World, which perfectly encapsulates this past year of changes and rapid progress for the company. From moving into our new World Headquarters to ground-breaking technological developments (more exciting news on that later!), the opening speech given by our President and CEO, Shunee Yee, highlighted changes the industry has undergone throughout her more than 17 years of localization experience. In the conclusion of her opening speech, Shunee addressed how CSOFT is redefining localization services with innovative approaches to technology, the localization process, and effective, measurable best practices.

Every year, CSOFT hosts an annual World Operations Summit in which we invite our global team of linguists, business development managers, operational experts, clients, and fellow industry experts from around the world to CSOFT’s World Headquarters for a week of learning, sharing, discussion and team-building. It’s an exciting, action-packed week of discussions, presentations, and not a whole lot of sleep!

For CSOFT employees and extended team members, the summit serves two purposes: the first being to further strengthen our bonds as CSOFT members and to remain united in our goals and vision; the second is to better align ourselves with the most recent developments within the industry, in terms of technology, best practices and standards.

Some highlights from the CSOFT’s 8th Annual World Operations Summit include:

  • Welcoming Dr. JoAnn Hackos and Dr. Bill Hackos from Comtech Services as honorary guests and speakers
  • Greeting Keith Schengili-Roberts and Keith Cai back to our headquarters as respected, long-term friends and AMD representatives
  • Hearing from localization expert, Inna Geller of Geller Translation Solutions, as she evaluated and discussed better approaches to translation risk management
  • Being able to meet and greet new members of the CSOFT family, as well as catch up with the old-timers
  • Attending CSOFT’s International Symphony, with special guest appearances from musically-talented members of our internal staff
  • And as tradition maintains, wrapping up the festivities with a weekend retreat
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CSOFT's 2011 Operations Summit

Stay tuned this week for more CSOFT’s 8th Annual World Operations Summit photos, summaries and guest blogs!

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  1. This year’s summit was indeed a lot of fun :)

    @ Mr. Scotchwright: Thanks for your thoughts! We try to hold unique events that show the spirit of CSOFT so I’m glad that came through in the post. As for attending, we welcome linguists with open arms! Feel free to get in touch with our PR ladies: for NA or for Asia & Europe.

    @DTN: Thanks for stopping by! We usually hold the Summit at WW HQ. Since we just moved to this particular location in the spring, it was the first year we held it here. Our external events (last year’s art exhibit, this year’s symphony concert, etc) are usually held at different venues.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Do you hold the event at the same venue each year or the spot changes?

  3. Sounds like an awesome week! Is there any way to apply to attend next year? I don’t think there are many other LSPs out there holding events like this (and no one EVER invites linguists), and I for one would love to attend.

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