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Last Friday, CSOFT’s World Headquarters announced our office expansion.  Today’s Straight from the Source will provide you with more details on what various members of the CSOFT family think about the new office expansion. Make sure you read all the way through for some great pictures at the end!

CSOFT’s World Headquarters Office Expansion Impressions

What are your impressions of CSOFT’s World Headquarters Office?

Carl, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Strategy, says:

We’re close to a lot of nice restaurants (laughs). Not sure if we want to include that in the blog or not, but it’s nice to relax at different lunchtime eateries. More importantly, though, our new office has the latest technology, so we’re able to provide better and faster service to our customers. Every step CSOFT takes is toward a larger goal. The office is grand and powerful, with bigger facilities and better technology to facilitate the entire localization process, from start to finish. Maintenance included (smiles). This state-of-the-art infrastructure also propels us on a path of redefining ourselves as a technology innovator.

Iris, Dept. Manager of Global Resources, and Kate, Resource Manager, say:

CSOFT’s world headquarters office expansion is right in the middle of Beijing, close to a lot of different hubs, both professional and social. It’s great for work-life balance. It’s nice to meet up with friends right after work for a relaxing meal or a social drink. The shopping options around here are plentiful, too. It might help with our Taobao (online shopping) addiction!

The office itself is so incredibly high-tech. We’re neighbors with many important  businesses, including Fortune 500 companies; it’s exciting to be in such a dynamic, international environment.

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Michael, IS Manager, says:

From the technology point of view, our new network is extremely fast. We have better and improved access to international channels. Even our telephone system is upgraded. We’re able to communicate with other CSOFT offices directly to provide faster, enhanced services to our clients.

It’s a beautiful office environment. Beautiful architecture, very modern and high-tech. The view of the sunset from the window is extraordinary.

Rena, Simplified Chinese Translator, says:

From my house, it’s really convenient to get here, so I can’t complain about that! The working environment is really nice—the office is open and fresh. It has that new office feeling, which might not last, but it also feels instantly stimulating the moment you walk in. Stimulating, productive, and fresh!

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CSOFT’s World Headquarters Office Expansion Impressions
  1. The new office sounds wonderful!
    Hope I’ll have a chance to come visit soon =]

  2. Yes, completly understand the Taobao addiction. It’s a tough one! :)

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