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Four Reasons Why You'll Love TermWikiTermWiki’s extended functionality and intuitive user interface have been designed from the ground up to facilitate quick integration into a variety of different workflows (including casual browsing). That said, we would like to take this opportunity to make sure that you understand how you can personally make the most of TermWiki.

For this entry, we’ll focus on three different types of users (you can click on the links below to skip to each individual section):

And if you have any specific questions about how might appeal to other types of users, please feel free and ask in the comments section below!

Four Reasons Why You’ll Love TermWiki – General Users

    1. Accessibility

TermWiki makes access easy—as a multilingual terminology database, TermWiki hosts more than 75  languages (and counting!). Out of these, 20 of the most common languages on the site are also equipped with a pronunciation feature. And if this isn’t enough, the website’s user interface itself is localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. We want to make learning, knowledge-sharing, and networking as accessible as possible for you.

    1. Simplicity

TermWiki is based on the foundation of terms and the knowledge gleaned from them. From corporate glossaries and terminology databases to first-year vocabulary lists in a language class, words are the building blocks of knowledge and intellectual growth. And in today’s information-driven society, less can often times be more. Therefore, the beauty of TermWiki as a terminology reference platform is that each definition holds only the most essential details—creating compact, concise and easy-to-read definitions.

TermWiki’s cloud-based location also simplifies accessibility: all you need is a web browser, and then learning, researching, sharing, documenting, and collaborating are all at your fingertips… literally!

    1. Meet other people.

TermWiki’s wiki-based model revolves around teamwork, collaboration, and interrelationships. Because of this, we wanted to make outreach and forming relationships as easy as possible. For term contributors and translators, each term is “stamped’ with the contributor’s username. This username links to a profile page where users are able to fill in as much information on their profile as they wish—email, personal interests, a photo or avatar, personal or corporate blog/website, CV, etc. Instant messaging is also an option.

    1. You’ll never be bored.
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We want to make sure that you are able to make TermWiki a space that is dedicated to your own specific needs and interests. That’s why TermWiki is full of features that are accessible, but not overwhelming nor overbearing. Once on the site, you will notice from the left-hand menu, a list of feature choices for you to peruse at your own leisure. These include:

And if this is still too much for you to take in at once, head over to the last item on the menu, the TermWiki Cheatsheet, for an outline of all the features on TermWiki, described in just one or two sentences for your convenience!

Four Reasons Why You’ll Love TermWiki – Translator Edition

    1. Market yourself.

Each term and translation contribution is stamped with the contributor’s username. Therefore, the more you translate, the more your name will appear throughout the site. The stamped username is also linked to your personal profile page, where you are able to list your areas of expertise, languages, CV/resume, and contact information. The more you contribute, the better the chances that your name will become a familiar sight to people, increasing future translation opportunities.

    1. Simplify your life.

The TermWiki Workbench will make your life easier. It was design with translator convenience in mind, allowing you to translate multiple terms at once. Additionally you can specify your target language or area of expertise with the Workbench to make translations as time-effective as possible.

    1. Glossary convenience.

With My Glossary, translator can chose to store, translate, edit, share, and build their personal glossaries online from one convenient spot, making translation and authoring projects easier to manage across functional groups and teams. Share certain glossaries with other team members or store your glossary on TermWiki for easy access anywhere you are able to get onto a web browser.

    1. Accessibility

TermWiki makes access easy –the website itself is localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and simplified Chinese. As a multilingual terminology database, TermWiki is also host to 75 and counting languages. We want to make learning, knowledge-sharing, and networking as accessible as possible for you.

Four Reasons Why You’ll Love TermWiki – Corporate Edition

    1. Market your company.

Contributions in the form of terms, translations, questions or answers to Termwiki are “stamped’ with the contributor’s username. This username stamp will give others access to a profile page where optional information can be displayed if so desired—email, corporate blog/website, resume/CV, and contact information. Users are also able to list your company name and product details with corresponding terms in the TermWiki database. This results in greater consumer associations between your brand and keywords in your industry. Add your company to the list today!

    1. Improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

With free registration, term contributions to TermWiki means the term is “owned” by you. All that is required to freely claim the term is to accompany the term with a quality definition. As your term contributions increase, the associations with your company brand and products will also increase from the name stamp. By having this information on a reference site like TermWiki, search engine ranking will help provide additional exposure to your company.

    1. It’s easy and time-efficient.

Because of TermWiki’s wiki-based foundation, users work together to create top-quality definitions and translations. That means, when you input corporate terminology and product glossaries, there is a good chance that other users will translate these terms into their native languages. With a few minutes worth of term contributions and quality definitions, your company and product information could be available in up to 75 different languages, essentially creating visibility in 75 different markets.

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With your initial contributions, your company information and terms could spread all over the world. All it takes is some proactive steps to get the ball rolling!

    1. TermWiki Enterprise

For corporate use, the TermWiki Enterprise version has all of the functionality of the TermWiki community edition, plus more, including highly developed and enhanced features to streamline user management, security and the large-scale execution of terminology management strategies. With TermWiki Enterprise, support is always close by and enhanced translation workbenches will save time, money and energy. We want to help you simplify your life.


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