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Chinese manufacturer of computer networking products TP-Link is one of the few examples of a Chinese company that has successfully gone global. The Shenzhen-based company has become one of the world’s leading providers of SOHO & SMB networking products and is still growing and striving to become one of the top 3 networking providers in the world.
But how did TP-Link manage to become this successful on a global level?


It all started back in 2005, when the company decided to enter the international market and sell its products through multiple channels. Its first overseas subsidiary was located in Sweden as this seemed like the perfect spot for TP-Link to enter the rest of the European market. Unfortunately Sweden did not fully represent the characteristics of the rest of Europe, according to UK manager Eric Wang. The company decided to leave in 2009 and set up a new subsidiary in Germany.  This relocation met all the expectations and led to further expansion to Italy and the UK. TP-Link kept growing and eventually deployed its products in over 120 countries, replicating the same success they had in China.

During its business expansion worldwide, TP-Link also faced, and still faces, a lot of globalization difficulties. Wang points out that it is important to be in constant touch with local consumers as it helps the company to stay ahead of the competition. He also mentions the difficulties of persuading foreign consumers to make a switch. Therefore, education, marketing and better prices are instrumental in convincing potential customers to try your products or service. Furthermore, spending time in establishing contacts with local colleagues and learning more about local consumer behavior will also help you adapt to the new market.

TP-Link is still advancing in the world of networking to better serve its most valued global customers with products that make their lives easier. Other Chinese companies dreaming of going global can definitely use TP-Link as an example of a Chinese company that is now a global success.

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