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This week at Simply CSOFT, we zoom halfway around the world – much like a bird a plane a copyright-protected superhero from our fondly remembered childhoods – to hear from Jesse He in the latest episode of CSOFT Stories. Read on to find out more about Jesse’s super abilities and what he has to say about localizing faster.

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What initially got you started with CSOFT and what has kept you here?

I got started at CSOFT because of Shunee [Yee]. She and I worked together years ago, long before CSOFT was even on the horizon. She actually hired me and was my manager and mentor at a then leading localization company based in Massachusetts. I joined CSOFT because I knew how great of a leader Shunee was and I wanted to work for someone as professional and business savvy as she is. She possesses those qualities which all great leaders must have: commitment, confidence, and integrity. She leads by example and sets the bar high. From the very beginning of CSOFT, she has held everyone accountable and to a high standard. Like our founding members, I joined the company with the belief that CSOFT would one day lead the global communications industry.

The people also are a large part of why I enjoy working at CSOFT so much. In our Beijing headquarter office alone we have employees representing more than 25 nationalities. Though we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures, we are united by our company culture, as well as common goals and aspirations.

What are some exciting changes you’ve witnessed while at CSOFT?

The most exciting changes I’ve witnessed at CSOFT have been with people. I’ve been involved in hiring quite a few people in my time at CSOFT, and I’ve always really enjoyed watching them develop, mature, and succeed. With our PMs (project managers) especially, when they first come on board they are talented and hardworking, but it’s not uncommon for them to initially be overwhelmed; however, they inevitably get the hang of it, and through years of working at CSOFT, develop the skills to handle many simultaneous projects comfortably. It’s inspiring to watch this progression, and I can’t help but feel both proud and happy at seeing these CSOFTers grow.

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From your extensive experience in client services, could you share a couple of important lessons you’ve learned?

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that only the value perceived by the customer defines the value of our service. Perceived service is a reality. Submitting a quality and timely deliverable to a client is only part of doing our job well; the client will also remember how we speak to them, how responsive we are, and whether or not we deliver on our promise.

I’ve also learned that excellence is in the details. Paying attention to the details of another person’s life is a compliment. It means you’re listening and that you are genuinely interested in them. Paying attention to the details of our work – doing ordinary things extraordinarily well – can go a long way in terms of keeping clients happy.

Jesse He

What do you see happening in CSOFT’s future?

There are two things I see and want for CSOFT, and I think these probably go for most anyone working in a company of any size. The first is that I would like to see us succeed and achieve the ultimate goal that has been set since the company’s inception: to be the best in the industry – or, more precisely, to revolutionize the industry. The second is that I want to make a difference, both me personally and our company as a whole. Having such an opportunity – to change the industry and help our customers – is powerful and meaningful. We work to help companies succeed in global markets. That’s making a pretty big impact, and it’s something I enjoy doing, something I feel is worth doing.

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Now that you’re living back in Boston, what do you miss most about Beijing?

I miss hanging out with you guys. Laughs. Beijing is such a dynamic international city, full of activities, liveliness, and optimism. Yes, what I miss most about Beijing is its vigor, its vitality, and the hustle and bustle.

And of course, the food! I miss the food in Beijing. Nothing here in Boston quite compares.

If you were to select an anthem to represent CSOFT’s 10th Year Anniversary, what would it be?

I’m not really caught up with all the pop music today. I’m more of classical kind of guy, so for CSOFT’s 10th Anniversary, why not Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major (Op.55), “Eroica.” Eroica actually means ‘heroic,’ which I feel is a rather fitting summary of these last 10 years for CSOFT. We’ve accomplished so much and we have much further to go. I think this piece of music encapsulates the essence and spirit of CSOFT. It would be good to play at this year’s Summit. Smiles

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