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As the technological boom of the 21st century continues to define our lives, China maintains pole position as the manufacturer of modernization. But, not only is China manufacturing these developments, it is now driving innovation. Much of the latest tech products and services are being organically designed and developed in China, before being released to other markets. And while Chinese technical writing teams are able to tailor complex information towards the domestic market with ease, what happens when culture becomes a barrier to going global? Should companies plan to outsource technical writing?

Processes including the rise of DITA as an organization tool in Chinese companies, as well as leading universities now training writers to approach information with a more international audience in mind, are in development. However, creating information that is accepted by a native English reader often requires input from a native English language user. With this perspective, one of the easier and more manageable ways to ensure your information is accepted by a global audience is through outsourcing your writing requirements to an international technical writing team. Some benefits of outsourcing your writing requirements include:

Constant Output 

Productivity won’t stop if writers become sick, take extended holidays, or depart from your company. A good outsourcing company will have access to numerous, talented technical writers who can immediately take over any requirements, meaning support is guaranteed 24/7.

Quality Training

Technical knowledge is fundamental to any industry, and a confident outsource company will have highly educated technical writing teams and strong processes in place to rapidly train their people in new technologies, meaning your product or service is quickly and expertly understood.

Transparent Communication

Developing successful documentation requires constant communication between technical writers and developers. Reliable outsourcing companies know that they need to build those communication foundations and will have experience in doing this with many different teams. This means that you won’t struggle with any internal communications being misinterpreted or misrepresented.

Integrated Culture and Business

International writers often have a hard time successfully adapting within a Chinese work environment. By reaching out to companies with teams of technical writers, it means that talented writers can be comfortable in their chosen work environment, remain highly productive, and output quality content that meets your requirements on a long-term basis.

Flexible Work Balance

Writing workloads are never constant; it is a reactive process as products are made and services are developed. During high-intensity periods, it’s a relief to know that you can count on a large team that has the resources to support you, without having to go through lengthy hiring and training processes for what may ultimately be short-term requirements.

Zero HR issues  

International visas, insurance, and a multitude of other financial factors are completely mitigated if you partner with an outsourced technical writing team. You can then concentrate your focus on developing your business goals and confidently targeting your next target market.

A successful global approach is strengthened immeasurably by integrating your business goals with the resources capable of achieving them. Talk to us now to see how we can help and ensure that your information is delivered in an authentic, accessible manner.

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