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4 Important Factors Copywriters Must Keep in Mind

Copywriters are responsible for setting content into motion. It’s more than typing ordinary words for people to read; it’s about spurring action from your target market in the form of email sign-ups, phone campaigns, making sales, and other methods. Grabbing the engagement of reader’s is the gold standard, and for copywriters to excel at their craft, key strategies must be realized. Here are four factors to consider when generating your copy:

Recognize the drops in the ocean.

Do you know how much content is created every minute of every day? Copywriters need to be extremely alert about how much data is generated and used, because having an awareness about what words and ideas are flooding the market means you can understand where your writing niche can expand. You can also get a better idea of what techniques you can leverage, in order to ensure your distracted readers will pay close attention to you.

Assemble with care.

Copywriting involves writing, obviously, but  for exceptional copywriting, it’s not the most important factor. Words are meaningless if the reasoning for them is imperfect. Take time to research your product, your point of view, your personality. Gather a truckload of information then expunge any unnecessary, awkward fragments, to leave only the natural elegance of your simplest, salient thought – in full view for your readers. Take time to discover how each dot can connect and how each question can be answered.

Agitate, but don’t aggravate.

Humans are hard-wired to respond to threats; it’s how we’ve survived all these years. One of the more popular ways to exploit this trait in copywriting is called PAS. When using PAS, your goal is to identify your reader’s problems and agitate these problems in a way that is almost unreasonable, You can then make clear that you understand and empathize with their pain, and that you know exactly what the Solution is to their problem, described through actions that are appealing, and exciting, to them.

Sell the truth.

Ultimately you won’t be able to force anyone to hand over their hard-earned money for your product or service, but you can sell it as the best idea ever. Tell the truth about what you have to give, but make it fascinating. Give it a backbone, give it grit. Make it hilarious, or controversial, or reader-friendly. From your perfectly crafted headline, all the way to the punching conclusion, feed the curiosity of your readers and satiate what they didn’t know they desired.

With these factors to guide you, your copy can excel from simple sentences to engaging actions that provide effective results.

Written by Erin Strong – Senior Technical Writer at CSOFT International
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