in Life at CSOFT, Our People

Regardless of who you interact with here at CSOFT (which stands for Communication Solutions Of Foreign Trade, with the word “soft” implying an intelligent harnessing of technology) you will find values both within the company, and within the people, that are universal to cross-cultural and cross-border communication. At CSOFT, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity, both in our work and who we work with. Our unique team is comprised of multi-cultural and diverse individuals from different backgrounds. Affectionally coined “CSOFTers,” they are at the heart of what we value, and what we offer: cross-border communication through the perfect blend of language and technology.

One of the core values we hold at CSOFT is open communication. As a global communications provider, CSOFTers are more than comfortable reaching across borders, languages and cultures to connect to our global community, especially in international markets. With our translation and localization services, a product or service is expertly transcreated – meaning the product is not just literally translated but conceptually, with expert cultural understanding based on a specific geographic locale. This is immensely important in adapting a product’s message for maximum customer engagement, and ultimately a best practice for market penetration and commercial success at the heart of cross-border communication.

“I’m proud to be a CSOFTer.  Probably the best part are my coworkers.  It truly is a diverse group with so many languages accounted for in the office.  The company also does great work.  Sure, there is room for improvement but that’s what’s great at CSOFT…you have the ability to make a difference both within the company and in the service we offer to our clients.”

Michael Gray
Executive Director, North American Business Development at CSOFT International

Ultimately, our goal is to enable foreign trade by harnessing the power of culture. This largely falls into the category of language translation services, but there are a variety of other services that we provide, like brand localization, content strategy consulting & content creation, and mobile translation (see STEPES). All of these services help with internationalization and ultimately move forward global commerce.

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Inextricably bound with language, culture is also the medium that we work within. Our highly attuned and sensitive global corporate culture melds beautifully with the work that we do providing cross-border communication solutions across the globe. We value customers, clients and employees for their unique individual messages, and our business services allow them to communicate within and throughout the cultural mediums that they wish to.


Culture is at the core of almost every aspect of life at CSOFT, from the services we offer our clients to our team worldwide. Along with the chance to work with talented people from diverse backgrounds, CSOFT has given me an up-close experience of the many industries and areas where our services make an impact, broadening my knowledge both within and beyond areas where I specialize.

William Denton
Medical Communication Operations Team Leader

Communication that is transparent, open, and culturally sensitive stands at the heart of our culture, whether it is with clients, coworkers, or potential CSOFTers. Through active listening, understanding, and a sharing of our own individual backgrounds, we have created a shared and unique company culture that is a family of sorts. Our inspiring and productive work-life experience is achieved through a mutual sharing, understanding, and communicating towards the common goal of improving the world, one translation at a time.

“In my relatively short time with CSOFT, I’ve had the opportunity to not only learn a great deal from my work, but also the ability to grow quickly with the company. What sets CSOFT apart from any other company I’ve worked at is the people; everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been kind and willing to help in any task or help answer any questions I have!”

Shelby Stubbs
Corporate Marketing Associate & Team Leader


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Here at CSOFT, you as an individual and as a global citizen are valued for your ingenuity, creativity, multicultural interest or background, and dedication to your work. Just as a product or service must be translated to reach a foreign market, your personal message is taken as something to be translated into the work you do. With this is mind, we aim to make you feel rewarded for your accomplishments as a unique individual, while harnessing your talents to the benefit of all, across borders.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please see our open positions here, and feel free to reach out with any questions to Amanda Theocles at


Through translation we have the ability to find commonality in human experiences, and share them across different cultures. That is why we created the #CSOFTStrong campaign, to showcase human compassion, perseverance, and solidarity from all over the world as we face a common enemy. Here are some of our CSOFT linguists from around the world showing support against the COVID-19 pandemic fight!


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