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One of CSOFT’s most lovable team members Christina is here to share some localization tips from a project manager’s perspective. Read on to see what Cristina has to say about staying informed, making time for gossip, and smart approaches to our industry with some helpful localization tips.


Being informed helps everyone involved.

Christina says that the easiest projects are usually with clients who have been with CSOFT for years, due to their familiarity with the localization process. For clients who are not familiar with localization or who may still be in the initial stages of globalizing their products, Christina says the best thing that a project manager can do to help these clients is to ask, ask, ask! Asking questions, confirming information, and keeping informed of the client’s processes and needs are best ways to ensure efficiency and high quality results.

Stay ahead of the game with gossip time!

As a project manager, Christina understands that it is her job to troubleshoot any problems that may arise, make sure the project stays on track, and coordinate between the functional groups… all the while making and keeping the client happy. To help her manage all these different tasks, Christina believes that one of the most important traits of a PM is to be resourceful. As such, one of Christina’s go-to resources is actually the other PMs, sharing insider information about cooperative translators, reliable tools, and problem-solving tips. Sure, it’s not malicious gossip—but it’s both fun and helpful nonetheless.

A smart approach goes a long way.

Given the rushed nature of product development, many localization projects usually have very tight deadlines. Additionally, with so many different functional groups passing documents back and forth, it is inevitable for delays to happen once in a while. Christina says that in times like this, the best thing to do is maintain a cool head and be smart about how you choose your approach.

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Most clients understand that certain things are out of a PM’s control, but it is still a project manager’s job to assure the clients that they are doing everything possible to stay on track and deliver quality results. Christina believes that above all else, project managers should always be respectful to clients and make sure that they both see and understand that she is doing everything possible to deliver quality results.

Christina was born in Shandong Province, in beautiful Weifang. She came to Beijing for college, where she learned English, French, and Japanese. After a week of hard and intense work, Christina enjoys going to the spa to relax. On weekends, you can find her swimming, spending time with friends, or trying to get rid of the Zombies in her “Plants vs. Zombies”  house on her iPhone. When you get the chance, don’t forget to congratulate Christina on her ‘newlywed’ status!

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