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Simply CSOFT is proud to announce the official release of the latest CSOFT Creative Studio production, Crisis 108!

What began as an idea for our Friday Night Party (with the theme Night at the Movies) last Summit developed into a full-on mini-movie commercial for our creative communications production studio. Why movies, you might ask… what business does a localization services and global communications provider have getting involved in movie making? Well, actually, when you think about it, the two industries complement each other quite well.

Combining different forms of expression, movies afford yet another means of communication, one that breeds inclusivity and community. As a shared experience, movies provide a communal language or vocabulary with which to converse and a platform on which to do so. Additionally, from old Hollywood glamour to home-made clips posted on Youtube (or Youku and Tudou, China’s version of Youtube), the film industry is very much global, thriving, and engaging. Movies have a powerful ability to enchant us all, and this enchantment goes beyond language barriers, cultural backgrounds, and country borders – very much the same end result for which we strive in the localization and globalization industry.

Companies looking to ensure the success of their products or marketing efforts in different target countries and cultures should consider the effectiveness of creative communications. To get a taste of what CSOFT’s Creative Studio can offer you, watch the embedded video below.

Crisis 108: the synopsis
In a world precariously verged on global warfare over energy resources, one company holds the key to ensuring peace, putting an end to the energy crisis for good. However, forces seeking to prevent such an outcome have endeavored to steal the technology and send the planet into a nuclear apocalypse.

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The fate of the world is left to one system, ÜbrTà, which must deploy the technology worldwide before it’s too late…

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