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What was originally conceived as a company yearbook to be shared with clients, colleagues, and those unable to join CSOFT’s Annual World Summit has dramatically evolved into what it is today: CSOFT’s HQ Magazine- our official magazine. Now in its second year of production, this latest issue features five categories that provide thematic inspiration for the articles contained within: Technology, Leadership, Communication, HQ Exclusive, and HQ Art. The magazine, designed to be enjoyed by virtually anyone interested in language, culture, or technology, provides food for thought in a breezy, entertaining manner.

This latest edition of  CSOFT’s HQ magazine is now available as an electronic version online!

CSOFT's HQ Magazine Now Available Online

In this edition, we explore advancements in mobile technology and the impact such technological developments have had around the world. The cover story, an interview with CSOFT’s President & CEO Shunee Yee, titled It’s an East-West Thing!, delves further into the history of HQ and the direction it’s headed with future editions, most notably, China Executive interviews. In Translatinator 2: Judgement Day, we take a look at the future of translation technology through the lens of science fiction. We also spend some time investigating the cultural diversity of both CSOFT and the bustling metropolis in which it is headquartered, and end with some artistic essays of both the photographic and written variety. There’s a lot more packed in there, so take a look for yourself!

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