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Managing Multilingual Terminology – Troublemakers and Finger-breakers

Issue Seven of Your Own Terms, the biweekly comic about Sir Terminus: Crusader of Logic, Manly Valor, and Managing Multilingual Terminology. Today – Troublemakers and Finger-breakers!

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Managing Multilingual Terminology - Troublemakers and Finger-breakers

More information about “Troublemakers and finger-breakers”:

When dealing with auditors, it never hurts to be precise. For that matter, it’s best to be precise in all aspects of your business, especially if you’re working in highly regulated sectors, like pharmaceuticals, biotech, or medical devices. TermWiki, the localization industry’s first completely online, wiki-based and collaborative terminology management system, enables you to bring a new degree of precision to your product documentation by providing a one-stop platform for the collaborative terminology development, management, translation, and dissemination processes. When it comes to the Life Sciences, there’s no room for error when the international compliance of your product is on the line—just ask your auditors. Better yet, ask your friendly neighborhood LSP.

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