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shutterstock_86463646 (1)Traditional classroom learning techniques are shrinking under the pressure of lengthy learning timetables, restricted opportunities for engagement, and slow information delivery. Demands from students include stronger consistency in learning, better flexibility, increased accessibility, and faster scalabilit
y. e-learning provides a nimble platform that allows organizations to provide students with these requirements. Here at CSOFT, we deploy e-Learning and m-learning solutions for organizations with a strong focus on localization. Organizations wanting to go global can be confident in choosing CSOFT as a reliable partner. With experience in creating and managing solutions in more than 100 languages, the three key points below further expand on our guarantee in providing you with the best e-learning solutions.

Strong industry experience

CSOFT has been involved in localizing e-Learning material for over six years and commands significant respect within the industry. With our deep understanding of the e-learning sector, we ensure that your materials are strictly documented and implemented with the utmost quality and perfection.

Advanced program knowledge

CSOFT’s professional team of linguists and programmers are extremely versatile. Not only do we offer a selection of bespoke programs, we are also adept at working with whatever in-house programs your company has in place.

Extensive multimedia strategies

Beyond localizing e-learning content, within CSOFT we have created world-class multimedia strategies to deliver technologically sophisticated, eye-catching e-Learning materials that are linguistically accurate. Your idea will remain original at heart but  still be adjusted depending on  your target; keeping your materials fresh and relevant.

So if you’re looking to expand your e-Learning potential, and take your learning materials global, consider CSOFT. Investing in an organization with strong industry knowledge, flexible integration capabilities, and original strategies that are tailored direct for e-learning markets, will vastly improve your chance of success when undergoing the huge challenge that is going global.

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Written by Erin Strong – Senior Technical Writer at CSOFT International

If you’re interested in learning more about CSOFT’s globalization and localization solutions, visit our Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages or you can visit our webpage!

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