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As a company that is in the wUsing E-Learning to Maintain Brand Values While Going Global (1)ondrous, but often pitfall-laden transition of going global, you may wonder, “How can we, as a company, retain the personal-touch and uniqueness of our brand without the hands-on benefit of actually being onsite?” While there are many strategies that can maintain your brand values abroad, enlisting E-learning as a tool in your global offices is certainly the best when it comes to uniformity, ease of use, and overcoming language barriers of the overseas office. E-Learning offers a company a bounty of ways in which it can deal with these issues and impart upon new, overseas employees the brand values which gave your company its avenue abroad.

E-learning provides a broad range of in house and out of office training and material that will quickly close the distance, cultural, and language gaps between your company’s headquarters and satellite offices around the world. When using tools such as mobile and social learning, maximizing the success of your business around the world comes at the touch of a button. While at first it may seem difficult to keep the importance of your brand values relevant in globally dispersed and multilingual offices, with mobile learning it is easy to continuously drive the point home. When the message can be found right in your employee’s pocket, difficulties that may have once existed will disappear.

As your global workplaces must adapt to their new international settings, management must adapt to a more mobile generation of employees. In light of this, using mobile learning as a means to capitalize on today’s fast paced society is like killing two birds with one stone: you maintain your brand values with minimal input and maximum reward, and you provide the training your new employees need to most efficiently get up to speed with your company.

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In today’s international offices, learning about core and brand values is not an isolated event carried out by a single person, or in a single language. The office of today is a social one, inhabited by a generation of employees who have thrived in an interconnected web of social learning, media, and communication across borderless online regions. This has created a strong demand for social-learning tools and also created a large vacuum of opportunity to pair your company’s futuristic learning technologies with your preexisting brand values. With these types of efforts, the success of your company across the globe is all but assured.

If your company is in need of bringing your E-learning services to your new, multilingual overseas employees, visit our website to see how E-learning can be made accessible in almost any language.

Written by Jordan Papolos Technical Writer at CSOFT International
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