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Today, many businesses use eLearning to train their employees. Not only is eLearning cost and time efficient, but it also guarantees that the exact same content is being taught across a company. However, if yours is an international company, the creation of quality eLearning materials is not so simple. You must create eLearning platforms that are easily translatable and can be used in many different countries. This is no easy task. And perhaps the easiest way of doing this is to find a localization service provider that is able to fully localize your content for you.

3 Reasons Why You should Translate Your ELearning

But is it really worth the money and effort to localize your content? What are the overall benefits to your company? Can you just use English for all countries? Everyone speaks English, right? Well, to help answer these questions, we have provided you with 3 reasons why you should localize your eLearning content.

1. Standardization Across the Nations

The larger the company, the more that standardized functions and procedures become paramount for success. Everyone at every site needs to know how the company works and the individual protocols to follow in any given situation. However, if your eLearning material is not used across the entire company, there is no way of ensuring that all of your employees are being taught the same things. This will likely cause miscommunication and may lead to mistakes being made.

2. Show an Interest in Those That Work For You

Your employees want to feel that your company cares about them and sees them as individuals, not just cogs in a machine. Making the effort to localize your eLearning materials is a great way to show how much respect and consideration your company has for the different cultures and languages of your team. And if your company respects you, you’ll respect your company in return.

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3. Seize Every Opportunity

If your company is already using eLearning in some languages, then it is safe to assume that you’ve seen the benefits it brings. However, without localizing your material, you’re limiting the potential that your eLearning content could have. If it’s already having a positive effect on parts of your company, then take the next step and prepare it to be used by your teams all around the round.

Translation in eLearning is a driving force behind many businesses today and is helping them achieve their international potential. Here at CSOFT we pride ourselves on our ability to comprehensively translate and engineer solutions for software localization in a professionally and consistently. Please visit our website to learn more about eLearning and about how CSOFT ‘s localization services.

Written by Joshua Hughman Lead Senior Writer at CSOFT International
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