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e-Learning Statistics You Need to Know

e-Learning statistics tell us that it is on the rise as far as Corporate America is concerned. Check this out:

  • Corporations save between 50-70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-Learning, with 85% of the cost for instructor-based training tied to delivery of information (instructor time, travel, etc.).
  • From 1995-2011, the utilization of e-Learning in American corporations grew from 4% to 77%, a growth of almost 2000% over 16 years.

  • While the US and Europe account for the majority of e-Learning programs (more than 70% of the global total), Asia-Pacific countries are steadily catching up: Vietnam has a 44.3% annual growth rate in e-Learning statistics and Malaysia’s is growing at 39.4%. Other Asia-Pacific countries experiencing rapid e-Learning growth (between 30-35%) are Thailand, Philippines, India, and China.
  • 72% of surveyed companies report that e-Learning keeps them aware of any changes in their industry.
  • 73.6% of technology-driven training at Fortune 500 companies comes through networked, online methods. The world’s leading companies, it seems, are taking proper notice of e-Learning.

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