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5 Reasons Why Product Localization Should be a Priority

For today’s post, here are some no-fuss, straight-to-the-point reasons why product localization is the right next step for your organization.

1. You’re invested in your product’s international success.

      According to the 2006 report “

    Can’t Read, Won’t Buy

        ” from leading market research group

      Common Sense Advisory

        , 72.4% of people said that they are more likely to buy products with information written in their native language. Localization makes products and services more accessible on a global front.

      2. You want more business.

        Localizing a product or service creates more opportunities for business growth because it expands your market reach across borders and languages. The more exposure your brand/product receives, the greater the potential of increasing demand, which leads to more business.

      3. You want your international customers to know you are thinking of them.

          As the saying goes,

        the client knows best!

          Product Localization is a great way to let clients know that a) they are important and that b) you are willing to take the extra step to accommodate their needs.

        4. You are committed to quality results.

          Many businesses make the mistake of tacking on localization towards the end of the development process, right before the product is about to launch. A better and more effective approach is to integrate product localization into the process from the very beginning. Localization isn’t just about translation; it’s about preparing your product for a new location, culture and audience. This actually requires a good amount of cultural, linguistic and technical expertise, which are all things a good localization provider specializes in.
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        5. You want to save time and money.

          Continuing on with the fourth point, it is a lot more costly and difficult to re-format a finished product into different languages than to implement it earlier on in the developmental process. Utilizing product localization and translation tools, such as a style guide and translation memory, will also help diminish the time needed for translators to localize your content. Additionally, good product localization will also help minimize the need for troubleshooting and support services in the long run.

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        1. A good online solution to make multilingual software is the localization platform
          An account over there allows unlimited projects, languages and contributors. The interface is easy to use and collaborative in nature. It is also useful to crowdsource translations.

          • Hi koka,
            While there are some very useful online solutions for localization needs, larger, more sensitive projects should really get partner with an established LSP, especially one with ISO 9001 & 13485 certification.