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CSOFT’s 2011 Operations Summit: JoAnn Hackos on the Awesomeness of DITA

Another CSOFT Annual Operations Summit overview is here with a recap of JoAnn Hackos’ presentation on content management. In today’s day and age, we can very easily find ourselves overloaded with information. As a consumer, it can be chalked up to a bad experience; for suppliers, it’s just bad business. Read today’s post to find out more on content management with the DITA standard and how it plays a role in translation management! See you there!


DITA Europe 2010: Nice Weather, Technology and Mozart

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to attend, the DITA Europe 2010 Conference in Vienna was a rousing success. In this guest entry, Carl Yao, the Vice President of Global Strategy at CSOFT, relates two DITA success stories from companies that saved a ton of money on translation and localization as a direct result of applying XML-based DITA standards to their content development processes. Carl also gives a quick rundown of his own presentation at the conference, “How to Become an Expert Terminologist in 30 Minutes.” Come check it out!