3 Recent Innovations in Translation

Translation has been around for a long time—almost as long as written language has been. And up until the middle of the 20th century, when the first machine translations began, all translations were carried out by humans alone. Today, a wealth of translation tools are available, from fully-automated machine translation software to websites, systems, and […]

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

Five Times Machines Were Hired to Do a Human’s Job

For millennials, it’s hard to remember a time when machines weren’t already doing the jobs of humans. After all, almost every daily activity is automated these days; we use machines to withdraw money, buy train tickets, and scan groceries. Machines even answer our queries on the phone, as well as assemble our cars. As a result, […]

CSOFT’s Shunee Yee’s Interview with China Radio International

“Chinese Innovation is Ahead of the Curve” — Shunee Yee Interview with China Radio International

This week, CSOFT’s CEO and President, Shunee Yee, had the pleasure of being interviewed by CRI for “People in the Know,” a radio program presenting the latest insights into the headlines of China and worldwide events. Over the span of the 30 minute interview, Shunee was asked to offer her insights on the sharing economy […]